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Motion Design in User Experience

Our Motion Design Ebook is an in-depth look at the production of impressive animations. It includes descriptions of complex design processes from classical static design theory to modern animation techniques to impress your clients and audience!


Uladzimir (Vlad) Bahatyrevich is an award-winning multidisciplinary artist, designer, and animator specializing in motion graphics and animation with professional industry experience in product design, branding, mixed reality, advertising, marketing, entertainment, and post-production industries.

Vlad has worked on hundreds of motion design projects across a range of market industries recognizing the growth and development of this niche specialty as it matured and continues to flourish.

Vlad is a strong advocate for visual communication design and motion as a part of the experience between people and machines around the world. His professional industry experience involved data experience and visualization, concept development, short films, opening sequences, CGI and VFX projects, and spots for Super Bowl.


I was really impressed by the examples and the overall idea of motion design in graphic user interfaces. I especially enjoyed the historical perspectives and how our perception has been shifting through the different mediums and years.

Rodrigo Soto

Sr. Motion Designer

A must-have book for those who are interested in the field of motion design and want to expand that knowledge to practical use. Examples are illustrated well, and content is on point. Very up to date with new ideas. Highly recommended!

Max Clegg

Product Designer

I was fascinated by the variety and amount of ideas presented by the author. Author does a great job refreshing and explaining many concepts. The examples gave me a new perspective of my own practice. Would definitely recommend!

Eva Calhoun

Designer, Illustrator

In a nutshell, the book covers a lot of materials that may otherwise take years to learn. The author takes you on a journey from the stone age and guides you through the history and evolution of motion design language in communication.

Kellan Chadwick

Software Developer

Who is this book for?

This book is written for designers, motion graphics artists, animators, developers, engineers, and creators of digital products, services, and applications who are interested to bring unique and meaningful interactions to the experience of their users with motion design.